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Officers' Update: Our highlights from March

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BSU Officers' group photo

Here's a look at our March Officer updates:

Ilia's portrait photo

Ilia - BSU President:

“In March, I attended the Academic Board where many Academic Campaigns have been approved after being in the works for more than a year. These include timetabling improvement projects to facilitate life for the students during the cost-of-living crisis, and an important step for the automatic assessment extension for students. This month also has been incredibly important for the BSU as we had our annual elections to vote for new student officers to represent you. During this time, I was also involved with Exams policy meetings with the university to improve the examination style and implement policies that will benefit the students.”

Doris' portrait photo

Doris - Activities Officer:

“This month I had the opportunity to work on different projects and events. I worked with the Student Advice Team on Money Week stalls to spread awareness of money-saving tips during Money Week. I also had the opportunity to chair the International Women’s Day Event in celebration of all women, it was fun and empowering to see many share their stories and share some time together! This month I also attended the Academic Board and School Education and Student Experience Committee to share, raise concerns, and relay feedback from students to the relevant academic departments.”

Favour's Portrait photos

Favour - International and Postgraduate Officer: 

“This month, I have joined and will be participating in an international scholarship panel to look over applications from incoming students. I have also represented various students as a member of the panel for Additional Considerations. This month, I have been busy planning for the Postgraduate Week that will be happening in April. The focus of the week will be employability, so I’m working with the University Careers and Employability team to devise a programme suited to all postgraduate students.”

Osasu - Education Officer:

“During March, I attended a module evaluation task and finish groups where we looked at easier and more effective ways for students to give their feedback on their completed modules. This month, I also represented Students in academic appeal panels and additional consideration panels, advocating for students and getting the best outcome for students. I also attended the Black Student APP Intervention meeting to discuss ways of assisting and helping black student outcomes and academic experience.”