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Support Services over Summer

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Did you know our Support Team are still available throughout the summer break? BSU Support advisers are open to student enquiries Monday to Friday 10-4 and are here to help ??

With exam results season in full swing, the Support Team have provided some advice if you’re not too happy with your mark…

If you’re waiting for your ‘ratified’ (confirmed) grades but aren’t happy with the provisional mark, you must wait for the ratified results before you can apply for an Academic Appeal. Late Additional Consideration can be submitted any time up to 14 days after the release of your results. You can find out your ‘ratified’ mark from your school office.

If only we had a video on Additional Considerations ??… oh wait, we do! Head to our YouTube for all the info, or view our help guides that cover most topics.

If you have received your ‘ratified’ grade and not happy with it, here’s what to do…

  1. Results Review:
    • Contact your School Office within 14 calendar days of receiving your ratified results.
    • Your course leader will review your case and make a recommendation to the Examination Board.
  2. Academic Appeal:
    • If you’re dissatisfied with the Results Review outcome, submit a Stage 1 Academic Appeal Form within 21 calendar days from receiving your results.
    • Attach evidence supporting your appeal, including a copy of your results notification email.
    • If necessary, proceed to a Stage 2 Appeal by submitting the corresponding form within 14 days of the Stage 1 outcome.

For more info on this read this article: Academic Appeals.

Have you received a 'referral’ or ‘deferral' notification?

Referral or deferral notifications (which typically mean you need to resit an assessment during the summer) can have an impact on progression and graduation. Here’s what you need to know…

  1. Progression:
    • Referral/deferral assessments are usually for specific modules or components where a student didn’t meet the required standard.
    • If a student passes the resit, they can progress to the next stage of their degree.
    • However, if a student fails the resit, their progression may be affected. They might need to repeat the module or take additional steps to catch up.
  2. Graduation:
    • If a student has outstanding referral/deferral assessments, their graduation may be deferred until those assessments are completed.
    • Once the resit has been passed, they’ll receive their degree certificate and can participate in the next available graduation ceremony.
    • If graduation is deferred, a verification of award letter can be requested for evidence of degree completion before the certificate is available.

The university has procedures in place to support students facing unexpected difficulties during their studies. For personalised advice, email or book an appointment with BSU Support: ????