Your Role


Course Reps are an essential link between students and staff, ensuring that the University takes into account the views of students and that they receive the best possible education.


  • To gather views from fellow students on the academic experience on their course.
  • To discuss both positive and negative feedback raised with staff members.
  • To attend staff/student meetings and put forward the views of the coursemates they represent.
  • To feedback to fellow students on the outcome of meetings.
  • To liaise with Brighton Students’ Union - keeping them informed of relevant issues and seeking support if needed by completing the Course Rep Feedback Form.
  • To treat the role responsibly and be prepared to represent the views of the majority of students even if the Rep does not personally hold the same view.


  • You will be having a positive impact on the student experience and the quality of your course.
  • It is a very social role and a great way of getting to know other students and staff.
  • A fantastic opportunity to take on responsibility and develop self confidence in a supported role.
  • Transferable skills can be developed such as communication, time management, negotiation, diplomacy and leadership (all great for the CV!)

Course rep system

  • Recruitment: Course Reps are recruited in the first few weeks of the academic year. If you would like to take on the role let your Course Leader know that you are interested in becoming the Rep for your course. If several students are interested, there may be an informal election or the role may be shared if there are a lot of students on the course.
  • Training: Brighton Students’ Union facilitate online Course Rep Training which is essential for all Reps, whether new or continuing. This training takes around 25 minutes and, as it is online, you can choose to take it at a time that suits you. The training provides all the information you need to feel ready to be a Rep.
  • Support: As a Course Rep you will be supported in your role by your Course Leader and by the Students’ Union, so there will always be someone you can talk to if issues arise.
  • More Information: To find out more take a look at the Students’ Union Course Rep
    pages at You can also email with any queries or questions you may have.