2019/03 March - Ghanaian Society

CONGRATULATIONS to Ghanaian Society for winning Society of the Month for March. Here's what they had to say about the event they ran that bagged them the award.

#1 What was the objective of your event?

The objective of our event was to celebrate Ghana's 62nd independence day by showcasing a range of acts which represents Ghana in a special way. As well as to unify our members on a significant occasion on March 6th. This was also a collaboration with Sussex Ghana society, which has been established for three years and not many students from Brighton university knew about this society until this momentous collaboration.

#2 When did your event take place?


#3 Where did your event take place?

University of Sussex - Jubilee building room 115

#4 How many people came?


#5 How did the attendees participate?

All attendees participated by paying a ticketed entry at the door to watch the showcase. The event was £3 for members and £5 for nonmembers. This entry fee included variety of perks such as live performances from the university gospel choir Sound of Zion, who performed an amazing medley incorporating Ghanaian gospel music. Another performance was by a Sussex student who sang a song to welcome us in and to kick off the night. There was a performance by a medical student who delivered a spoken word performance about Ghana and our heritage. One of our own committee members showcased his talent of playing the saxophone were he romanced our ears with a Ghanaian song about love. There was a fashion show which highlighted traditional Ghanaian clothing such as kente in different styles on both male and female models. Followed by this was a performance of the Ghanaian national pledge. Attendees were treated to a scrumptious array of Ghanaian delicacies, this included jollof rice, fried rice, plantain, salad, kenkey, fish, chicken and a variety of drinks which included a top Ghanaian favourite supermalt. As the event came to an end we all came together and began to really celebrate by dancing and singing to hit Ghanaian songs both past and present.

#6 What did you learn?

We as a committee learned the importance of organising an event months in advance and carrying it our successfully. I learnt how to put on an event with the goal of everyone having fun because the day was about celebration. I also learnt even more about Ghana especially as two societies came together and we are all from different parts of Ghana everyone brought in their own point of view. I learnt how to deal with sudden last minute changes which eventually worked out and didn't ruin the day. I learnt how to stay calm and not panic on the day as my committee members constantly reassured me and made sure that everything went to plan.

#7 How does your event benefit students?

This event greatly benefited students by educating them about the history of Ghana. At the begin of the event there was a short youtube video of how Ghana became independent, what it means to be Ghanaian and what independence day meant to students whilst growing up. They also benefitted by being entertained throughout the whole night, which allowed people to come out of their shells and just have a social experience which mirrored a party that would typically happen for Ghanaians. Students that attended literally got a taste of Ghana in terms of food and to see how special our independence is as we are the first sub-Saharan country to gain independence and hopefully students were able to recognise the importance of this.