2020/01 January - British Sign Language Society

CONGRATULATIONS to BSL Society for winning Society of the Month for January. Here's what they had to say about the event they ran that bagged them the award.

NAME OF EVENT Christmas Carolling

PLEASE TELL US THE AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE EVENT Our aim was to raise awareness for the deaf community and to raise money for The National Children's Deaf Society. Our goal was £50, however, we managed to raise £172. We did this by beginning with a sign language carolling event within the main foyer of the Checkland Building at Falmer Campus. This was followed by a bake sale and general party. At the smae time we also went door to door to carol in BSL and raise money.

DATE OF EVENT 11/12/2019

LOCATION OF EVENT Checkland Building/Falmer The Hive

NUMBER OF ATTENDANTS 10 HOW DID THE ATTENDEES PARTICIPATE? The attendees were active in performing in the BSL carolling event. They further helped with selling goods at the bake sale and travelling door to door to raise money.

WHAT DID YOU LEARN? Prior to the event, all attendees were active in learning 5 different Christmas songs within BSL to perform. People attending the event were able to record and re-watch videos.

HOW DID THE EVENT BENEFIT STUDENTS? Students were able to build on their vocabulary in BSL. Using songs is a good way to be able to learn new words in BSL that can be used in different contexts in a fun way which makes the learning experience more memorable.