2020/03 March - Hicking and Tracking Society

CONGRATULATIONS to Hiking and Tracking Soc for winning Society of the Month for March.. Here's what they had to say about the event they ran that bagged them the award.

NAME OF EVENT-  Litter Picking

PLEASE TELL US THE AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE EVENT-The aim was to come together with another society, where we could pick up some litter on a Sunday hike. This Sunday hike was chosen to go from Moulsecoomb to Falmer and then through Stanmer and back to Moulsecoomb to ensure that we did a loop so that we could pick up as much litter as possible. We wanted to help our community out by picking litter up. Everyone was really friendly and got on. It was amazing to see both societies get along.

DATE OF EVENT 15/03/2020



HOW DID THE ATTENDEES PARTICIPATE? Everyone participated by litter picking and talking to each other. It was a team effort. We collected so much litter as a team and got to know one another.

WHAT DID YOU LEARN? We learned things from each others knowledge. The ecological society thought us some tracking things and we talked about the hikes.

HOW DID THE EVENT BENEFIT STUDENTS? It was great to see how everyone benefited from this event. Everyone was so pleased with what they've done that everyone felt that they accomplished something by helping our community. We also all got to know one another and are now close to the ecological society and are hoping to still do lots of things together in the future.