2020/10 October - Sound Of Zion Society

CONGRATULATIONS to The Sound of Zion Gospel Choir Society the winners of the first Society of the Month for the new term!

NAME OF EVENT-  UGCY Virtual Choir Awards

PLEASE TELL US THE AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE EVENT- The event was organised online by UGCY(University Gospel Choir of the Year). We were to make a video or post a performance from your University Choir from your last academic year OR post a video collated over the lockdown period. Brighton Sound of Zion participated (current and past members) and made a cover of Smile by Kirk Franklin and Family.

HOW DID THE ATTENDEES PARTICIPATE? The participants all sent in pre-recorded videos of them singing the song smile which was then collated and edited into the video submitted online for the competition. The video has been posted on all our socials.

WHAT DID YOU LEARN? As a choir, we learnt that we can make singing possible online even with current restrictions on meetings. We also picked up new ways to teach harmonies online and also a few members have also learnt how to edit videos.

HOW DID THE EVENT BENEFIT STUDENTS? It benefited our members mentally as they were still able to relate with others online. We were also able to learn a new song and produce a video online. We also now stand a chance to win prize money for our society if we win the competition and the end.

Watch the full video here!