2021/11 November - Islamic Society

CONGRATULATIONS to Islamic Society, winners of Society of the Month!

This month, the Islamic Society participated in a nationwide collaboration event! Every ISoc around the U.K. ran a Charity Week.

Brighton ISoc hosted a ticketed Charity Auction Meal where donated art, books and luxury baked goods were auctioned off after a night of good food and entertainment! On top of this they raised additional funds through; Bake Sales, a FIFA night, Board Games Night and Murder Mystery.

Altogether Brighton ISOC raised over £12,000 for refugees and orphans in need! This is a phenomenal achievement and we are beyond proud of all their hard work for such an amazing cause. 

We asked the committee to please tell us the aims and objectives of the event - 

We have been raising money for charity through an initiative called charity week, where many ISOCs across the U.K. come together to raise money for refugees and orphans in need, through various events and bake sales we managed to raise over £12000!!

How did the attendees participate? 

They attended events such as the auction dinner and bought tickets and donated towards the charity,

What did you learn? 

How to work together as a team and run successful events on a large scale. We also learnt about the importance of charity and giving back to the community. 

How did the event benefit students? 

It was a chance to get involved with raising money for charity as well as a way to network and meet people from different courses and even different universities as we collaborated with Sussex and BSMS.