2022/01 January - British Sign Language Society

CONGRATULATIONS to British Sign Language Society, winners of Society of the Month!

This month the BLS society raised £200 for the Hamilton Lodge School for Deaf Children Charity! They fundraised this fantastic amount of money by hosting a Christmas Signing Session inviting all their members and friends to join in online, check out the impressive video of the event! 

There is still time to donate via their Go Fund Me page here.

We asked the committee to tell us all about the event, here’s what they had to say!

The aim of the event was to practise our signs for the Christmas songs; 'Last Christmas and Santa Clause is Coming to Town'. Then, videoing all members (with their permission) signing along to the song and uploading it to our Youtube channel, in support of raising money for our chosen charity 'Hamilton Lodge School for Deaf Children'.

How did everyone get involved?

We all encouraged one another to sign and support those struggling to nail the signs for the songs. Working together :))

What did you learn? 

We learnt the last part of Last Christmas, through BSL and kept practising Santa Clause is Coming to Town.

How do you think this event benefited your members and other students? 

They were able to learn 2 Christmas songs through BSL and be able to perform them confidently. learning individual signs for certain words and being able to apply these in upcoming sessions/ their everyday lives. 

Let's check out some pictures from the event!