2022/02 February - BioSoc

CONGRATULATIONS to BioSoc, winners of Society of the Month February 2022!

February Winners - BioSoc

This month, the Biology Society had four events in their entry. Hosting a stall at ReFreshers and enticing new members, they got off to a good start! On the charitable end of things, they raised money for Cancer Research through a tasty bake sale at Aldrich library. They also threw a well-deserved end of exam party for all their members to let their hair down after what must have been a very stressful few weeks! With love in the air, BioSoc embraced the spirit of valentine’s day with a collaboration event with the Pharmacy Society! The ‘Palentines’ pub crawl sounded like tons of fun, showing how important social as well as themed events are for the happiness of your Soc!