2022/11 November - Islamic Society

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Isoc, one of our joint winners of Novembers Society Of The Month competition

This month, the Islamic Society hosted the annual Charity Week Auction Dinner. Isoc’s from all over the UK hosted similar events, with one common goal to raise money for Islamic Relief. We are so proud of the committee’s exceptional hard work, altogether raising around £8,000 for refugees and orphans in need. In the run up to the event, Isoc spent hours and hours fundraising. The event itself was the highlight of this period, where students were able to dress up with their friends and make amazing memories. 120 people came to the ticketed event to enjoy the delicious 3 course meal, hear the fabulous speakers and get involved with the auction, where students had donated objects and art. Everyone came together to celebrate with food and friends and to enjoy a beautiful night.

The committee learnt the strength of unity, acknowledging that none of this would be possible without the hard work of all participants. Well done everyone that helped out with this event, we are so impressed!