2023/03 March - IO Society

CONGRATULATIONS to IO Society, winners of Society of the Month!

March Winners - IO Society

Here is what the committeee had to say about the month that bagged them the prize fund...

"Our first event, which was held recently, was a resounding success, with 30 people attending. We provided an
overview of the society's goals and objectives and gave attendees an opportunity to suggest topics for future
Our society is unique in that we are not just focused on technical knowledge. We understand that computer science
is a diverse field that has applications in almost every aspect of our lives. As such, we aim to foster a sense of
community among our members, and we organize social events to allow members to network and form lasting
Lastly, the interactive sessions that were organized at the event were likely well-received by attendees. This
suggests that future events should include similar activities that allow members to engage with each other, share
knowledge and ideas, and collaborate on projects".