2018/02 February - Law Society

CONGRATULATIONS to Law Society (Brighton) for winning Society of the Month for February. Here's what they had to say about the event they ran that bagged them the award.

#1 What was the objective of your event?

The objective was to provide law students with a direct contact with barristers and solicitors so they can provide advice on applications, interviews, LPC, BPTC and life as a lawyer which was successfully implemented. Also we had a recruitment organisation down called SEO London who run programs to assist students into gaining admission into top tier organisations.

#2 When did your event take place?

16th February 2018

#3 Where did your event take place?

The Grand Hotel

#4 How many people came?


#5 How did the attendees participate?

It a formal fancy soirée, but also a networking opportunity for our students. We had a fantastic list of speakers including Julie Fowlie, Dr Clare Forder, Deborah Francis, DUMI SENDA MSc.whom all delivered eccentric speeches. I also provided a panel session with 1 Crown Office Row which was amazing and insightful. Students were able to ask questions which the speakers answered and network with barristers and solicitors during the ball and at the afterparty. There was also a wine and drink networking segment at the start of the event which allowed students and legal professionals to mingle. This was followed by a phenomenal Hip Hop Dance performance by Street Funk and an afterparty at a venue procured on the Brighton Seafront.

#6 What did you learn?

I learnt about life as a barrister and more advice on interview practice. Students learnt about tips for study and what opportunities are available through different sectors

#7 How does your event benefit students?

It allows them to identify their employability prospects and motivate them to succeeding in their next stage of their careers.