2018/10 October - Midwifery Society

CONGRATULATIONS to Midwifery Society for winning Society of the Month for OCTOBER. Here's what they had to say about the event they ran that bagged them the award.

#1 What was the objective of your event?

A full day conference was held with outside inspirational speakers invited to talk. The conference was titled Empowered Midwives, Empowered Women and the aim was to provide students with the tools to empower birth.

#2 When did your event take place?

18th of July, 2018

#3 Where did your event take place?

Falmer Campus

#4 How many people came?


#5 How did the attendees participate?

In addition to speakers we also held several practical workshops throughout the day.

#6 What did you learn?

We heard from leaders in our profession who where inspirational. The workshops included, mental health support, aroma therapy, breastfeeding support and continuity of care

#7 How does your event benefit students?

It provided training on topics not covered in the formal degree programme, giving valuable tools to students.