Social Media


As a volunteer officer, you need to ensure your fellow students are aware of current issues in your area and that they take part in any activities you organise. Both of these require student engagement which relies on marketing and communication.

Social media is a great platform for passively advertising and promoting. People use social media everyday and you can put information in front of people without them having to actively seek it; it’s a great way to spread awareness of your activities and your role as a whole.

Please remember when on social media, that you are representing Brighton Students' Union and all interactions with both students and non-students must remain professional and polite.

The best way that you can promote your events and what you're up to is to post on our BSU Channels! We have a huge reach and can promote positive things that you're doing! You can find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!


We want to ensure that people are aware that you are part of Brighton Students' Union. There are many positives reasons for this for you as a volunteer officer. We therefore ask that you are clear in promotion such as posters that you are part of Brighton SU. There are a few things when doing this to remember:

  • We are Brighton Students' Union – please use our full name or Brighton SU. Please do not use 'UOBSU' or 'University of Brighton' as we do not have rights to use them.
  • Please put our logo on all marketing materials. Please use the standard teal logo where possible, or one of our alternative logos specified, contact the Communications team for access to the logos and additional branding elements.
  • If you need support or guidance with creating designs to support your campaigns or projects, do contact the Communications team on 01273 644679 or via email
  • Please do not:
    • Distort the logo or change it’s dimensions
    • Edit the logo
    • Cram it in. Give it space around it.

For any further information on using social media or creating design work, please contact