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Favour is your Postgraduate and International Officer for 2023/24.

Her role in the Students' Union will be to focus on improving the University experience for Postgraduate and International students.

This includes improvement of academic regulations, targeted events for PGs, PGTs and International students, and ensuring all voices are heard. 

Find out more about Favour's priorities.

All about Favour

Course: Biomedical Science (BSc)

Hometown: I do not think of myself as having a particular hometown, but I spent the first 12 years of my life in Ireland approximately 12 years to be precise. These days, I reside in the South of London in England.

Fun fact about me: I enjoy reading thrillers because they make me feel tense and excite me.

Favourite place on campus: It goes without saying that the basement central, where I can get coffee and pastries, is my favourite location.

Uni memory I won't forget: One of my favourite memories is from the third year's December period. We were exchanging Christmas snacks before the break, and I remember that spiced wine was being distributed. I tried to take a taste because I was particularly curious because I never had spiced wine. I'm not sure why it shocked me so much, but it was very warm to the touch and gave me the impression that I was drinking a type of cinnamon and clove tea. But it was a pleasant experience that slightly altered my perspective.

Favourite quote:

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." 

Babe Ruth