British Science Festival 2017

British Science Festival 2017

Tuesday 05 September 2017, noon - 4pm

Location: Brighton- various locations

The British Science Festival is one of the oldest and longest-running annual events of its kind in the world and will be taking place this year in Brighton from 5- 9 September, co-hosted by the University of Brighton and University of Sussex.

?Over the course of the Festival, a number of our academics will present an eclectic range of projects that showcase and celebrate the latest developments in scientific thinking, alongside colleagues from other universities across the UK, that will engage, challenge and entertain audiences.

With over 120 events in the programme, the Festival will truly offer something for everyone. Some University of Brighton projects will give attendees opportunities to:

  • Learn how comics can communicate often complex scientific ideas, and join cartoonists in the space-themed drop-in workshop to create your own cosmos-inspired comic
  • Visit Brighton Palace Pier and witness interactive artworks that deal with virtual reality, while referencing Edwardian scientific experiments
  • Understand how age and social isolation impacts on the functioning of the central nervous system and learn how these processes may be reversible
  • See a live demonstration of the new, state-of-the-art, Joaquin advanced air quality research station and hear how the data it produces can help us find ways to improve the quality of the air we breathe
  • Discover more on the use of body ornamentation of our Bronze Age Sussex ancestors through the use of digital technologies. This event will provide an insight on the use of scientific approaches to learn more about our ancestors and their way of life
  • Get on your bike and ride with the bicycle tour around Brighton and learn how science has shaped the evolution of the bicycle.

Events will take place on all of our Brighton campuses and various locations throughout the city and beyond.

You can find out all information, and register for tickets, on the official British Science Festival website.


Thu 19th July

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