Hastings Yearbook

Hastings Yearbook

Thursday 05 April 2018, midnight - 5pm

Location: Giving out During Graduation


£10.00 (Advance)
£5.00 (Yearbook Committee)
Please log in to buy tickets.

After taking a hiatus, we are bringing back the successful Hastings yearbook

Purchase your advance copy of the yearbook by the 30th July

Price: £10 advance or £15 on the day

Look out for our picture deadlines to ensure that you get what you want in the book. To be collected at graduation.

Don’t forget to send in your paragraphs and quotes to accompany your picture. Also look out for our most likely to forms. To be released soon.


Wed 25th April

Hastings - Brighton Monthly Coach Trips
9pm - 3am
We’re celebrating the beginning of a new semester the right way by taking our students to Brighton’s Student Night at Przym.

Sun 13th May

Thorpe Park
7:30am - 7pm
Thorpe Park
Our annual Thorpe park trip has returned and this year we are taking both Hasting and Eastbourne students.

Fri 25th May

Hastings - Grease Summer Party
7pm - 2am
On The Rocks, Hastings