BSU Update in response to guidelines and university comms

Wednesday 11 November

You may have seen in the press today that the latest Government guidelines (released at midnight!) have announced that teaching in higher education is to be moved remotely as much as possible by the 9th December, in order to ensure students can move to another home safely for the holidays, should they wish.

We understand there are lots of questions and concerns surrounding this but want to assure you that your Students’ Union is working as quickly and efficiently as we can, to bring you transparent and up to date communications.

This is why, in response to the latest email sent out by the University and the potential of mass student testing, Brighton Students’ Union is pushing the University to provide more clarity around this within the next 24-48 hours.

This includes an individualised email to each of our students to clarify the following points:

  • How is my course affected by the new guidelines?
  • When is the last face-to-face session for my course?
  • When do I need to leave my term-time accommodation by?
  • What if I do not want to leave my accommodation or I cannot get home?
  • How does this affect my placement?
  • What is going on with services such as libraries, study spaces, cafes?
  • What about sports and recreational activities?
  • Can I get a Covid test even if I don’t have symptoms?
  • What happens if I am self-isolating?

Just to reiterate, teaching will continue online until the 18th December when term ends, but it will be online (unless on some health courses). The Government's‘ travel window’ for students moving is the 3rd - 9th December.

You can read more around the Government Guidelines for higher education here.

Head to our page to find more information around COVID updates and guidelines from the University and Brighton Students’ Union.

Finally, please reach out if you are struggling or need any support at all. We are here to help you with any issues you may have from academic inquiries to mental health and wellbeing:

Keep in touch,

Brighton Students’ Union