COVID vs Freshers' Flu

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Have any of you been feeling under the weather lately? Worried it’s COVID? Don’t worry, we’ve prepped for this. 

Freshers flu is still a thing. During September, so many students congregate together from all around the world that colds and flu are bound to spread around. Even if you don’t attend events, you may find yourself feeling a little more sluggish than normal – and we want to reassure you that this is perfectly fine. 

We understand that with the way the world is currently, a sniffly nose, a sore throat, or even feeling low can make you worry or panic that it might be the worst but remain calm. We’ve created some tips and advice on what to do if you start to find yourself feeling unwell. If you suspect you may have Covid, it’s important to not panic and first and foremost remember the government guidelines and guidance. Stay at home, stay safe, and communicate.  
So what is the difference between a simple cold, sore throat, flu, and COVID?