Registering with a GP


Welcome to Brighton! 

It’s been a long wait, and likely a very anxious one with what is happening in the world right now – but we are so excited to welcome you to not only Brighton but also the Brighton Students’ Union family.  


My name is Evangeline, and I am your Vice President Welfare for this academic year. Now I know you’re probably having lots of information thrown at you all at once, it can be a little overwhelming (trust me, I’ve been there!). With that in mind, I wanted to release this mini health series to help give you a brief introduction to some of the key things you need to remember to do upon starting at Brighton, but also a helpful toolkit of resources and support services that exist to help you as you begin your university journey.  


So, you’ve just moved to Brighton – awesome! But have you remembered to sign up to a local GP service yet? You may think you don’t need to, but it’s always important to have something in place should something go wrong or happen. These services exist beyond the pandemic and can still provide mental health support, information regarding your sexual health, general advice and guidance, and of course flu vaccinations for the winter months.  


Depending on where you’re located this year, you may find that you can register with a few different local GPs, so make sure you choose one that feels comfortable and right for you. Below is a link to some of the local services that exist in the area, as well as contact information and opening hours: 
9 Albion Street  
East Sussex  
BN2 9PS  
Telephone Number: 01273601122  
Email Address: 
Morley Street  
East Sussex  
BN2 9DH  
Telephone Number: 01273003930 


If you need any further advice or guidance on GPs in the local area, visit The University of Brighton’s website here:  


On behalf of everyone at Brighton Students’ Union, we wish you an incredible Freshers 2020, and can’t wait to see all the incredible things you achieve throughout this year.