Covid-19 testing and updates

Testing Updates & Information:

The following information has been provided by the university to ensure that you know what to do upon returning to campus and self-isolating this semester.

  • All students who choose not to take the tests will be required to self-isolate immediately on arrival for the spring term. The exception to this is if you have already tested positive for COVID-19 in the previous 90 days, or if you have tested negative in your hometown immediately prior to returning.
  • At the moment you can book up to two tests per week. Please remember however that you should only travel to campus and book tests if you have been told to do so by your school or fall into the Government’s list of exemptions defined in our national lockdown.
  • The Government has confirmed, in a change to previous guidance, that all students who choose not to access testing on arrival at the university for the spring term will be required to self-isolate immediately for ten days upon arrival.
  • Please ensure you’ve downloaded the NHS test and trace app. You will need to bring your student identification, along with a mask, and be prepared to observe the usual safe practices around social distancing.

The two test centres will be available at:

You can book your tests by clicking on one of the links above.

Please ensure you book your tests as close as possible to the date you intend to return to the university and in line with your course start date given to you by your school.

If you test positive...

You will need to self-isolate from the date of your positive notification for ten days. Your housemates will also need to isolate for ten days too. Please also notify the university through the My Brighton app, so we can offer support during your isolation period.

If your first test is negative...

It is important that you still go ahead with your second test. It is important to abide by local restrictions around social gathering, and good practice guidelines during this time.


For more information, please visit the University of Brighton website.

We have also included two videos to help give additional advice on the above.