Society Of The Month Runners Up- November 2022

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Society Of The Month November

Check out our eight amazing SOTM applications. We were very impresssed by all the applications, take a look at our very close runner ups…  

This month joint winners were Isoc and Biosoc! You can read about their entries here!

In second place this month...

The Anime and Manga Society!

Anime and Manga Soc showed us their incredible creative abilities last month, hosting a spooky pumpkin carving competition in Cockcroft. Over thirty people came together to prepare their pumpkins for the winning title. The committee provided pumpkin carving/painting kits, anime music and played a few anime episodes towards the end of the event. Some members came to the event in the full Halloween attire, dressing up as their favourite character! There was great feedback from the event, students loved being able to be social and creative at the same time. The contestants carved anime related designs, which encouraged lots of discussions about each other’s favourite anime. Students were able to take their pumpkins home to their doorsteps, ready for trick or treat!

In third place...

Women In Buisness!

Anx (VP Social) volunteered her amazing personal experience of using the app, LinkedIn. She taught members how to improve their profile, the best ways to search for jobs and the effectiveness of using pictures with LinkedIn posts to impress future employers. Students came out feeling more confident and excited to volunteer their own expertise in the following weeks! Go WIB! 

Now, in no particular order...

The Criminology Society!

This month the lovely Criminology Society came together for an evening filled with fun boardgames. The super relaxed environment meant that members were able to get to know one another and bond over the fascinating subject of Criminology!

Formula 1!

The Formula 1 Society never ceases to amaze, this month students were able to get introduced to simulators!! The members of the Formula 1 Society thoroughly enjoyed this session, racing each other around the laps and helping each other along the way!

Law Society!

The Law Society Committee arranged for Richard Ager and Jo Smith to speak about their experience in the "real legal world". They had a Q&A session afterwards, where students learnt more about the different types of lawyers. Students learnt a lot from the speakers whilst also getting to know and learn from one another.

Hindu Society!

In celebration of Diwali, the Hindu Society hosted an evening with Rangoli, a sari dressing competition and non-alcoholic beer pong. The committee also organised for everyone’s henna to be done by a professional henna artist. They dressed the tables beautifully, with cultural food for everyone to try. The event created a safe space for Hindus and fellow friends to come together to celebrate and enjoy an important festival. 


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