A Matter of Safety and Awareness


How we all feeling after that heatwave last week? Talk about a scorcher! We have some important information to share on behalf of your new Welfare Officer, Evangeline~ 

Some of you may have heard of Diazepam, a drug that is primarily prescribed to patients to treat anxiety & seizures. It has come to the attention of Brighton StudentsUnion, that studentsthink they are buying this drug, but, are actually receiving a Class C Controlled drug; Flubromazolamthis is also known as Smurfs.  

The accidental consumption of this drug can have a sedative effect on the user, which can also lead to the user being in a psychoticstate. There have been an increase of hospital admissions from this drug. If you are concerned, we have listed a few tips to be on the lookout for below, that can help you to recognise the drug itself: 


1. It is a small round blue pill which appears to look like Valium.  

2.This blue pill can cause staining on your fingers and mouth  

3. It may also have markings on the pill such as 10on one size and Dan5620on another side. However, not all the pills have markings on. 


If you are in doubt about the medication that you are taking, we recommend refraining from consuming it! If you have any concerns, either about yourself or someone you know who may be at risk, you can reach out to talk to Evangeline and the BSU Support team at: 

BSU Support Team: bsusupport@brighton.ac.uk   

Welfare Officer Evangeline: bsuvpwelfare@brighton.ac.uk  


Alternatively, TalktoFrank ~ a charity that helps support drug & alcohol recovery interventions.  

Talktofrank: https://www.talktofrank.com/ 


We hope you have a beautiful summer and that you continue to stay safe!