BSU Statement on University response to new national restrictions - What this means for students

BSU statement on university response to new national restrictions - What this means for students.



Following on from the government’s decision to impose a second lockdown, the Department for Education has issued new guidance on what these national restrictions mean in the context of university campuses and in-person teaching for students.  

We obviously all understand that a national lockdown comes with big sacrifices for everyone. Our role is to continue trying to get the best student experience possible. We are here to help and will continue to raise any and all queries with the University and meet with them on a daily basis. 


The University have sent an email to all students today. To confirm: 

  • University campuses will remain open and face-to-face teaching will continue in a very similar way to what is happening now. All students should be getting a further email from their school or course leader with more specific information. 

  • Gyms will be closed across the country, and sadly this includes university campuses. We are working with Sport Brighton about what this means for sports teams and gym memberships that have already been paid. 

  • There is still no government guidance on what is happening after December 2nd despite it being in the national press. We will keep you updated when we can.  

  • Research students who are unable to work from home can come on to campus to carry out their research. 

  • We are aware of how important access to libraries and study spaces are and we fed this back strongly to the University. We are pleased to say that the libraries are remaining open for click and collect and the study space booking slot have been extended to 4 hours. Unfortunately browsing is likely to be stopped and hours may reduce due to staffing levels. We need your feedback to help to continue to lobby the Uni once we know what they are and if they work for you. 

  • The government have stated that you are expected to remain where you are currently living during the lockdown, just like the rest of the population. 

Where the University are allowed to, under government regulations, we have been raising your feedback loudly to ensure student safety, wellbeing and a quality academic experience is at the heart of all decision making at the University.  



Addressing the Quality of Your Academic Experience 

We completely understand the difficult situation students have found themselves in returning to university and engaging in a blended-learning approach, which has not in all cases been a true and meaningful mix between in-person and online learning.   

We are consistently raising quality concerns, as well as placement related queries with the University, to improve the provision particularly looking forwards to Semester 2 and future learning for all our students. 

We know that there has not been the quality provision on all courses, despite the best of intentions in many cases. You have rights. You can complain to the University if you believe that you are not receiving the blended learning that was promised. We suggest you take a look at the information here. The Complaints procedure can be found here and there is guidance for students on the procedure as well. If you think you need further understanding the process you can contact our student support team who can guide you through the procedure and help you make sure you put the relevant information in to support your claim.

Facing Coverings 

In accordance with government rules, face coverings now have to be worn in all educational settings, so that is in all face to face teaching (with a small number of exceptions). There will be students who are exempt from this on health grounds. If you fall under this category, sunflower lanyards and student badges are available from our offices. 

Wellbeing, Financial and Digital Support  

The University’s wellbeing services continue to operate (mainly online), and we encourage you to make use of any and all support you need. 

The lockdown may impact on your employment and cause additional financial concerns, and we encourage you to contact the University on to ask about financial support. This is nothing to be embarrassed about and it is a confidential process.  

If you are experiencing difficulties with IT hardware you should enquire about a laptop loan from the university. If you have other IT issues, such as software licences, you should check with your School in the first instance as they may already hold the licence you need. If you need help paying for your IT needs you should ask about financial support or if you have specific learning support, you should contact the Disability and Dyslexia support team.

Get in Touch – We Are Here for You 

Our Support team work all year round, including the summer break. As they are working from home, appointments will be provided via Microsoft Teams. They will contact you once you have provided them with your contact details and your request. You can also find some further frequently asked questions about other issues by clicking here.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns or queries and a member of the BSU team will be able to assist you: 

You can also reach our other teams to discuss activities, course reps etc at anytime; 

Student Activities – 

Engagement Team – 


Thank you for continuing to share your views and feedback.

This is vital in helping us lobby the University for what you need and deserve.