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Thank you to all those who attended and participated in our Big Lemon Open Forums on Monday (9th October), and/or who provided feedback through our Facebook group. We want to thank you for your continued support, patience and trust in the full-time officers in our campaign against the Big Lemon Cut.  

The main issues raised at the forums were frequency and overcrowding of current services, poor timetabling, financial implications, effects on student wellbeing and negative implications on academics. 

We can now inform you all we have received an offer from the University following our meeting last week. As a team we have decided that the current offer is not adequate to meet the needs of our members, so we have now entered into negotiation with the University.

At this time, it is important for us not to reveal the details of this negotiation as we don’t want to jeopardise future outcomes. We are confident the University has begun to understand the impact the cut of the Big Lemon has had on you (our student members) and it is our goal to ensure that the outcome of this negotiation is in the best interest of students. We have asked for a response from the University by Friday (13th October). 

In the meantime, if you would like to proceed with a formal complaint against the University we advise you contact our Union Support team, You can also find a pro-forma for the complaint form here. 

For any academic or welfare concerns as a result of the Big Lemon cut, please feel free to contact any of your full-time officers or Union Support. 


Jack Babey
1:02pm on 11 Oct 17 What was the offer? I don't think transparency will 'jeopardise future outcomes'. Just be open and tell people what is actually happening, why do you think so many people instinctively do not trust the University Administration AND our own Student Union. It's just hiding behind jargon..
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