Brighton SU: Who are we?

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We are Brighton Students’ Union and we’re SO excited to be welcoming a new group of students to the University of Brighton. We are a non-profit organisation run by students, for students. Our job is to ensure that you have the best university experience possible and we do this in a number of ways.

Whether you need support, extra money or a great night out – we’ve got your back. The SU is led by five elected officers, these officers are paid to campaign on your behalf and solve the issues that students at UoB may encounter. We also have volunteer officers supporting them, they focus on one particular group of students and improving their university experience whilst continuing their studies. Next our student staff work in our outlets and offices to improve your average day at university and provide you with great food and drinks while you’re on campus. As a member of BSU you are also welcome to run in our elections, nominate yourselves as a course rep or apply for a job in our outlets – we’re an inclusive and equal company that are always looking for extra help.

Finally we have our established staff that are behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly! We can support you in a number of ways so don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can find out more about what the Union does here.


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