Elections 2019 Exciting Changes

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Every year Brighton Students’ Union elects students to join the team that leads the organisation. In these elections any University of Brighton student can stand and any student can vote. This year we have made some exciting changes to our elections to make them more engaging for all of the students at Brighton.

Shorter, sharper titles.

In line with our new strategic plan and the feedback you gave us, we have changed the titles of a number of our officers to keep them relevant to you. This year you will be able to stand for any of the following positions:

Fulltime Officers:

  • President
  • Vice President Education
  • Vice President Activities
  • Vice President Welfare

Volunteer Officers:

  • LGBTQ+ Officer
  • BAME Officer
  • Women’s Officer
  • Disabled Students’ Officer
  • Mature Students’ Officer
  • International Students’ Officer
  • Environment Officer


One of our main goals this year in everything we do is to improve the wellbeing of students that take part in our activities, including our elections. Standing in an election can feel like a big commitment, and with University deadlines, part time work, family life students already have a lot on their plate. 

Shortened Nomination Period -Some of you might have noticed that the nominations haven’t opened nominations yet where in the past we have opened nominations at the start of term. This year we are opening nominations for two weeks from Monday 11thFebruary to Friday 22ndFebruary. This is for two main reasons; firstly so that we’re not bombarding via email and social media for months with the same message about standing in the elections. Secondly, and most importantly, e want to shorten the period between students submitting their nomination and the results night. We hope that reducing the time commitment of elections will reduce the stress placed on the students that want to take part.

Voting times – In the past our elections have been 24 hours a day for 7 days. Whilst this might have been handy for the one or two voters that decided to use their democratic right at 3am it doesn’t help promote good wellbeing behaviours amongst our candidates as they stay up late every night trying to get those extra votes online or at the student nights in the clubs and bars in town. This year voting will be open online at www.brightonsu.com/elections between 7am-10pm which will give the candidates a chance to switch off, rest, recover and be sharp for campaigning the next day. 

Bringing back the buzz!

We get excited about elections and we want you to as well! This year we’re bring back physical in person ballot stations around campus. Just like voting for your favourite party at the general election, you will be able to cast your vote for your favourite candidate straight away on campus. No need to login to our website, just come to one of our polling booths, show us your student card and cast your vote!

New rules

Finally, for anyone thinking about running and those with a love of Students’ Union democracy we have update our election rules, which we hope are a more useable and useful guide for everyone. You can see them here.


If you are thinking about running and have any questions about the role email bsuelections@brighton.ac.uk.

Nominations open at www.brightonsu.com/electionsfrom Monday 11th February until Friday 22ndFebruary. 



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