#ExpectRespect Campaign Launch

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This week Brighton Students’ Union are launching our newest campaign, Expect Respect. We want to promote an inclusive, safe and respectful University experience for all students, on all campuses. We are asking our students to sign our pledge and abide by our Students’ Union values to be brave, respectful and inclusive:

1. Brave

We will challenge negative behaviour to promote a positive environment for all.

2. Respectful

We will respect consent and boundaries of our peers, staff and visitors.

3. Inclusive

We will create a welcoming environment for all students to access our sports teams and societies.

All students should expect respect and not support bullying or harassment of any form, including that of a sexual nature.

Throughout March and April, we will be doing a tour of every campus with our banner asking students to sign and agree to abide by the values when on and off campus. Alongside this, we will be delivering Expect Respect workshops for sports team and society members that will explore bystander interventions and how to promote positive student environments. For the Sports Team and Society that has the highest percentage of their members attend training, there will be an £100 grant up for grabs! Check out the training dates on our events calendar


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