Financial support during COVID-19

Here's a list of FAQs, useful links and information available to you through the University of Brighton, us and external websites. 

Hardship Fund

Extra funding is available for students who are experiencing financial difficulty as a result of current circumstances. 

Find out who is eligible and guidance on submitting your application, here.

Student Fund

This is a small fund open to all students studying at any level. You can apply for funds to help with practical solutions to continue your online learning, such as:

  • extra data to create a wifi hotspot to access online learning; 

  • materials or equipment (including laptops) to safely continue practical projects at home; or

  • essential learning materials or resources normally available via the university.

The fund is also providing grants for our health professional, teaching and social care students who are working on the frontline to support our communities during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Find out more about the Student Fund and how to apply, here.

If you need help with any financial issues such as loans, grants or money management, contact 

Student Finance

Has your current household income dropped by 15%? If so, you may be entitled to an increase in student finance based on Current Year Income Assessment provided by Student Finance.

Check here if you're eligible.

TV License

You may be entitled to a partial refund on your TV license if you've left your property early. TV Licensing has a guide on their website. 

Council Tax

Students are exempt from paying Council Tax, but if you have moved back home, the exemption will move with you. Contact your local council at your home address that you have moved, and they will apply the discount to the household’s bill.

Contents Insurance

If there's been a change of address, and you want to continue your cover, let your insurer know - if you no longer need cover, speak to your insurer to see if you are eligible for a partial refund. 

Parent's Leaning Allowance

You may be eligible for help with your learning costs if you’re a full-time student with young dependents. It doesn't have to be paid back and is paid on top of your student finance.

Check here if you're eligible.

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a payment to help with your living costs - you may be able to get if you're a part-time student, have young children, low income or out of work.