How to get involved in freshers' & beyond | Blog 2


Fresher’s may seem a little daunting this year but have no fear! Our event’s manager, Amellia, has been working around the clock to bring you the very best this year has to offer. All we need you to do is get involved! We are looking at both a virtual and physical fresher’s this year so please do keep your eyes peeled for both platforms to be released. As you know things are changing quite rapidly at the moment, however, we have plans whatever the weather! Our fabulous officers will now update you on what is to come and exciting things to get involved in throughout the year... 


Ramy: VP Education 

About Student Voice 

There are many ways for you to get involved in Freshers 2020 and the Student’ Union. My journey with the SU started at Freshers, where I learned about societies and course representation, and made some lifelong friends. One of key things the SU works on is student voice, which ensures your opinion is considered in all key decisions within the University, and the feedback you provide is critical in this regard. If you are keen to take a leadership role within your course, you can become a course rep, working in partnership with the SU and University to represent the voice of your cohort. Last year's course rep feedback was fundamental in our Education Campaign, which delivered tangible outcomes on the change's students were most passionate about.

This year, the officer team’s joint campaign is very much based on student feedback. So please do not hesitate to share your concerns with us – we are always listening and very much here for you. We are currently planning for a Course Rep Conference in the fall term, including an exciting range of external speakers on issues most impacting the academic and wider experience, so stay tuned! And whilst a new blended learning model is being introduced, we have been sharing students’ perspectives on this to ensure no voice goes unheard and that it’s a meaningful learning experience for all students.   


Meg: VP Activities 

About Societies 

Societies will be moving online when we return in September. However, the wonderful activities team are working very hard behind the scenes to make sure that the societies are still able to have a valuable and enjoyable experience. They are coming up with creative new ways to get the societies excited about the year ahead, as well as providing plenty of support and guidance. There are plans about possibly allowing the societies to meet up in person, yet this is not set in stone, because as we all know, things are forever changing in this current climate.

It is a known fact that societies are a place for students to meet like-minded people and a chance to completely be themselves. It has so many other benefits, such as building confidence, learning new skills, improving academic performance, etc. Therefore, one of my main priorities this year is to make sure that the members from these societies still feel like they have a place to belong, and a place to call their community, despite the circumstances. 


Evangeline: VP Welfare 

Supporting you! 

At the risk of sounding too cliché but the world is your oyster! In any which way you want to get involved, you do it!  
Do you want to join a society? Do you want to go on long walks with your housemates so that you can explore Brighton? Do you want to post your experiences on our numerous Facebook pages so that you can share your stories and meet people with similar experiences? Or do you want to buckle down behind your desk and get some extra reading done?  

All these things are things that you can do to kick of your freshers’ experience! Though the pandemic has changed the way in which we do things, that doesn’t mean it is has affected us negatively. With the technology we have,  and the reduced lockdown restrictions, you can safely enjoy your university.  
Just make sure you have got your keys, phone, and facemask!  
Remember that during your time at University you can always  to get support, be it via counselling, or a friendly face to check in with the university has plenty of services. Each course has their own Student support guidance tutors and they are amazing, chilled and thoughtful people to talk to. If you want to check-in with someone, want to have someone who is looking out for you, or someone to give you advice on completing mitigating circumstances forms and more then there are plenty of support options. We also have counselling services that are available at the university. With a discrete online form, you will be able to apply. The staff treat you with so much respect and patience, thus allowing you to grow however you want to.


As your events manager it is vital that I am bringing you the very best I can. Therefore it is super important to get in touch if there is anything you would like to see event’s wise in the future. We want to hear from YOU. Speak soon!