Movember: Brighten Someone’s Day with a Compliment

This week's blog post was written by your VP Activities Meg:

Every single person on this planet is affected by this pandemic in a completely different way. It’s been such a tough year for everyone.

I think it’s time we put some more positivity and kindness into the world. Kindness brings people together, being kind to others feels good, showing kindness to someone else is just as rewarding as receiving it from someone else.


How about giving someone a compliment today? It could be really small but have the power to absolutely change someone’s day. The compliment doesn’t need to just be about the way they look – it could be on their humour, their intelligence, their cooking skills – anything nice that pops into your head about someone. Sometimes, we think something nice about someone, but never actually have the courage to say it. It could be because you’re having a bad day yourself, so you don’t feel up for saying something positive. However, as mentioned at the beginning of this post, showing kindness to someone else is just as rewarding as receiving it from someone else. Think about it - if you know that you were able to brighten someone’s day, that can have the effect to make you feel that little bit better.


If you aren’t able to give someone else a compliment, try giving yourself a compliment. I know it can be so difficult to do this – but once you’ve thought of one thing, it’s so much easier to think of more things. It could be as simple as “I am a really good listener”. This is such an incredible quality to have – it may sound small in your head, but it is one of the number 1 things that people search for in a friend. Put some time aside to think of something you love about yourself.


As said in the last Movember post, the SU team are here for you. We are always willing to listen, so please don’t ever feel afraid to reach out!

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