Movember: Look Up

This week's blog post was written by your VP Welfare: Evangeline


Happy Friday and as we continue our journey this Movember I would like to share with you the act of kindness we would like you to embark on this coming week.

It’s simple, it's to look up. It’s to look up and witness the sunset that you might be missing as you walk from point A to point B. It is to look up and see and watch that dog that is sniffing a new part of the grass for the first time. It is to look up and witness how the trees dance in the wind. It is to look up and see the beauty that the world holds for us.


This period of uncertainty combined with so many other factors may be extremely difficult for some of you. It may make you feel like you can’t recognize the beauty of the world, but I want you to try and change your perspective. I want you to look up from what you think is surrounding you, and actually, look around and see the nature that is embracing you.

This act of kindness is an act of kindness to yourself. It is something that will help clear your mind so that you are able to change the perspective in which you are currently viewing things. Mental health is something that needs to be treasured, it is a luxury that many of us take for granted and it is time that we stop doing that!


As we continue through this Movember, please remember to give yourself time to soak in the beauty that surrounds you. Please give yourself time to go outside and get some fresh air and go for that walk. You will never know how profitable a 10-minute walk will be until you try it. So, when you go on your next walk, take out your earphones, look up from your phone and admire the beauty that awaits you. Invite your friend out to go for a (socially distanced) walk and engage in conversation! Take time to check-in with others, and most importantly, to check-in with yourself.


As said in the last Movember post, the SU team are here for you. We are always willing to listen, so please don’t ever feel afraid to reach out!


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