Officer Team 2019-20

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Brighton Students’ Union is run by officers who have been elected by students during the elections! They represent all 22,000 students at the university and have unique manifestos each year with dedicated campaign points.

Four of your officers are full-time and sit on the board of trustees at the highest level at the BSU. They are either graduates, or choosing to take a year off their course. Here are their aims for the year and links to their manifestos:

Calvin Jude Jansz (Union President)

You can email Calvin at 
Calvin is your new Union President. He is graduating with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Ethics and was the President of the Men’s Rugby Club and Chairman of the Sports Federation Committee. He aims to hold weekly drop in sessions with students to gain feedback, and his key manifesto points are:

  • Fighting to ensure your student voice is heard across the university and SU
  • More open and accessible resources
  • Raising awareness for mental health and other invisible disabilities
  • Increase support for students to express themselves openly
  • Increase the university’s accountability  

See Calvin's manifesto here

Suzie Douglas (Vice President Activities) 

You can email Suzie at 
Suzie is your new VP Activities. She is a final year Business Information Systems student, has been a course rep for 4 years and the current SocFed Committee Chair. Her key manifesto points are:

  • Introduce sports teams taster sessions at freshers’ and refreshers’
  • Introduce winter showcase for societies
  • Fundraising project to reintroduce a minibus for society and sport use
  • Push academic departments to support academic societies

See Suzie's manifesto here

Onyinye Okonkwo (Vice President Welfare) 

You can email Onyinye at 
Onyinye is your new VP Welfare. Onyinye has been a course rep and believes strongly in student welfare and respecting individual backgrounds. Her key manifesto points are:

  • Ensure someone checks on you regularly
  • Improve creating a system where student feedback is important
  • Make sure the university respects all individual student journeys
  • Become a consultant to provide counsel for students

See Martha's manifesto here

Ramy Badrie (Vice President Education) 

You can email Ramy at 
Ramy is your new VP Education. He has been heavily involved in the Debating Society, Amnesty Society, Law Society and is currently doing his second degree. His first degree was in Criminal Justice, and his current degree is Law with Business. His key manifesto points are:

  • Better representation for all students including international, mature, postgraduate and individuals with disabilities
  • Increased accessibility for educational support and materials
  • Continue the BSU Education Campaign and focus on closing the BME attainment gap
  • Improve wellbeing and counselling services

See Ramy's manifesto here

So, there is your full-time student officer team for 2019-20! You can contact them throughout the year if you have any queries of want to get involved in a campaign. 


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