Pride Month at BSU


How is it the end of Pride month already? Can you believe it?   


We think that we can all agree that this Pride has certainly been different. We have experienced some of the toughest times as a community this month with the Black Lives Matter movement, but this has also allowed some of the hardest conversations to be initiated in most cases. Already we are beginning to see more and more people stand together and unite for a common cause and create change that will not only last our lifetime but generations to come as well.  

Why is it that we celebrate Pride in the first place though? To understand this, we need to go back to June 1969. Originally as a response to a police raid on a pub that was popular with members of the LGBT+ community in New York. As well as being a celebration of the community and their achievements, modern parades continue the legacy of these historic riots, highlighting inequalities that continue in society and the persecution of LGBT+ people in parts of the world.  


You may have seen across our Instagram feed that we have been asking all of you wonderful beans your thoughts and plans when it comes to Pride 2020... and your responses have certainly helped to fill us with pride, so we wanted to share them with you in this article!   


What does pride mean to you? 

  • I came out recently, so it means a great deal. Pride last year was a turning point for me. 
  • It is like a celebration of freely expressing yourself. A month of pure freedom and acceptance.
  • Pride means being able to feel comfortable in my skin and in a relationship with my girlfriend. 

How do you celebrate pride? 

  • Usually, I’d go to pride, but this year I’m just dressing gay AF and watch queer movies all-day. ?? 
  • I celebrate pride every day, so I am just gonna continue being me!  

The best thing about pride to you? 

  • Feeling loved and valid for who I love and who I am.
  • Being surrounded by lovely people. 
  • Being grateful for those who even made Pride and Same-sex marriage possible and legal. 

Why is Pride important to you? 

  • Equality.
  • Pride makes me realise how many other people are like me and how we are so different.
  • It is the one time in the year where I’m not afraid to share who I am, and what I believe in.  

If you could share one message what would it be? 

  • Do things that make you happy. 
  • My flatmate once said, “we are all just people falling in love with other people” or something like that. 
  • You only get one life, so you might as well whack those gold boots on and strut your stuff sweetie!!! 
  • People always fear difference, but that is just because they jealous of your uniqueness darling. 
  • Simply be you, honey! 
  • Don’t be afraid to be yourself and express yourself the way you want to. Love yourself! 
  • Don’t let others define your identity for you. Be who you want to be! 
  • Be yourself and surround yourself with love.  

While we haven’t had the Pride we all thought we would, we have been taking part in lots of cool events behind the scenes such as Campus Pride which is a digital Pride festival for University staff and students across the UK, with events running now all the way until August 2020: