Safe Way Home Scheme

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The "Brighton Safe Way Home" scheme is an initiative that has been started by VP Welfare Officer, Amy Jaiteh. The main aim is to help any University of Brighton student that is in a dangerous situation or feels unsafe to get home safely at all times. 

Who can use the scheme? 

The scheme is only for University of Brighton students who have a valid student number and ID card. 

How does the taxi get paid? 

Brighton SU have set up an account with Streamline Taxi's and will cover the fare up to £15. You must repay the outstanding debt to Brighton Students' Union within 24 hours. 

How do I repay the BSU? 

You must come to one of the Brighton Students' Union Campus receptions with your taxi receipt and pay in cash. 

Is there a limit to the fare?

There is a maximum fare of £15 for any journeys on the scheme. 

Why is the scheme safe? 

We have chosen to partner with Streamline based on their reputation as a safe taxi firm in Brighton. They also operate a robust text and App system. 

How do I use the scheme? 

Check out our helpful infographic to find out how to use the scheme...

If you have any questions about the Safe Way Home scheme, please comment below or email us at



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