Sharing your fresher’s experiences | Blog 1


Hey Fresher’s, 

You might be getting ready to join us here in Brighton and may be filled with all kinds of feelings. Hopefully mostly excitement!!  Fresher’s is ALL about making the most of your time during these first few weeks and meeting new people. Luckily for you… we have our wonderful officers who are going to advise you about the DO’S and DON’TS of being a fresher! 


Ramy: VP Education 

From when I first arrived in Brighton as an international student, I realised that Brighton is a city that truly comes into its own. It is beautiful, buzzy and cosmopolitan in all the best ways. It is a city that encourages you to be your most authentic self. I would recommend, as soon as you can, taking a walk around Brighton and Hove. Many places are within walking distance and you will quickly find a unique art scene, as well as an assortment of independent cafes, start-up businesses and breath-taking scenery such as the South Downs, Brighton Pier, Royal Pavilion and the Lanes. The values that underpin this sharing economy are evident in the general atmosphere in Brighton and even now, after being here for nearly two years, I am still amazed. 

The University is very much connected with the identity of the city, so take time to explore and appreciate it. As for the University itself, it is split across 4 campuses and while connected, each has a unique identity. When you begin your journey at the University, make sure you have completed the different stages of your enrolment and do not hesitate to reach out if you need any assistance. Get to know the Students’ Union and the range of opportunities provided, including confidential support, societies, course representation and diverse events. The SU works for all of you – it is your Union. I cannot even begin to explain how life changing my experience with the SU has been and I hope yours is just as rewarding. 

Take part in welcome week activities, both related to your course and the wider student experience. This a great place to meet people from across the University. It will be helpful to download the University app, MyBrighton, which will give you personalized access to your modules, timetable and email. Familiarize yourself with your course handbook and reading lists, which will guide you throughout the year, as well as key resources, including LinkedIn learning. You can also take a 360-degree online tour to get to know your campus, as well as being able to book an appointment with your personal tutor. There will be a lot happening and all of it is meant to ensure you have a smooth journey here. We are so excited to meet you! 


Meg: VP Activities 

I, personally, had a very mixed experience when it came to the first couple of weeks of Freshers’. I was put in a student house and was disappointed as I so desperately wanted to be put in halls and have that well known ‘University experience’. However, I ended up meeting some amazing people in my house and I will always be grateful for them. I have some amazing memories from those first couple of weeks. On the other hand, though, I do regret not putting myself out there more. My biggest piece of advice is to go to as many things as possible, whether that’s in person or virtually. University is an opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to be whoever you want to be. So, take advantage of that and really try to put yourself out there as much as possible, whether that’s through sports and societies, or general welcome events. The more stuff you get involved in, the more likely you are to find like-minded people.  

Looking for something sporty and cool to do for example? Did you know that there are some amazing facilities available on the Eastbourne campus? Including a swimming pool, 6 large courts for badminton, basketball and volleyball, even an outside covered climbing wall, excellent for beginners. Services are available 7 days a week, so there’s always a chance to try something out no matter which campus you’re on.  


Evangeline: VP Welfare 

Every year coming back to university made me feel like a fresher again. The new people, the ever-changing places, the new activities and the start of a new academic year made me feel like everything was happening for the first time! This revisiting feeling of freshers made me so happy as I was continually encouraged to go and find new places, new walks to go on and to find my own little secret hide outs in which I would go and recuperate. 
The university is big, so at first it is rather daunting! However, if you give yourself time to wander before you head into lectures, or even after, you will be able to find new places and form friendships so quickly! 

The advice that I can give you as someone who has basically gone through freshers three times, is that you are better when you are trying new things. Comfort zones are very easy to get stuck in, but push yourself to join societies, apply for that SU job you want, put yourself forward for course rep! As all these things really do enhance your university experience and provides your future graduate self to look back with joy about the memories you were able to create!    


Now, we hope that has been a super helpful read for you all but remember this YOUR fresher’s experience and we want YOU to make the most of it, however you like. We have so much lined up for you over the next year and we are really excited to share this with you. However, if you do find yourself needing a little navigation or simply want to engage more then remember we are the Student’s Union and we are here for you!