Sport Brighton October Winners

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Sport Brighton are awarding sports teams and members each month with the help of Brighton SU! Each winner is being provided with vouchers of our Stone Willy’s Pizzas. You can find out more information about Sport Brighton here

Zoe Perry – Karate:

Karate’s student committee was basically non-existent until this year, recognising change was needed, Zoe has seriously stepped up and has been a huge asset in drawing/retaining new students.

  • Taken the time to greet and close classes and give the students a central student contact for socials etc.
  • Taken the lead on all the financial conversations with the students.
  • Established a student WhatsApp app group and a facebook group, made the students feel welcome by encouraging regular socials and is currently planning a social calendar for the year with the students.
  • As a result of both of the above she has been initiated as 'Assistant Instructor' (no mean feat in a Martial Art) and has done very well: teaching all the new beginners their kata in one class - a definite achievement!


Alice Hug, Damon Shepperson, Ashani Patel – Tennis:

Tennis have been one of our pilot ‘focus sports’ this year and really got the development bit between their teeth.

  • Record attendance at trials on both sites.
  • Newly developed session specifically for club members caught between BUCS and Parklife. This will ensure the club can always field full teams and can develop players for next season.
  • Increased Sports Fed card holders as a result of the above giving the club greater presence.
  • Improved engagement with Parklife sessions – seeing attendance figures go up.


Joe Bennett – Korfball:

With no coaching experience or badges, Joe stepped up following the graduation of the club’s coach and founder and took on a first session with an attendance of 60 in one Sports Hall! In the words of a fellow committee member ‘[h]e is improving week by week and without his hard work I can comprehensively say that this club would not be prospering the way it is’.

  • Facilitated incredibly fun, engaging training sessions teaching newcomers to the club the basics of Korfball.
  • Helped the old players improve their game as much as possible.
  • Thanks to Joe’s hard work and succinct planning 50 people have been retained at following sessions.


Tommy Lewis and Joe Smart – Lacrosse:

Men’s Lacrosse are particularly proud of their club captain’s, with Fresher turn out this year being the highest the club has seen in a while; ‘this can only go down to the acceptance and guidance from [their] two captains’.

  • Put on great training sessions to cater for both freshers and seniors, helping the team progress quickly and gel together making it 3 wins from 3 games despite a tricky Sussex fixture (#wearetopoftheleague).
  • Returning seniors have noticed an upturn in both players ability both on and especially off the lacrosse field.  Leading to greater enjoyment and involvement of all those in the Men’s Lacrosse club.
  • Not only are their sessions supporting this year’s league efforts, but their foresight to include, retain and upskill freshers is an investment in the future stability and longevity of the club.


Luke Sandys-Renton – Polo:

Luke is the first of two Panthers to be nominated for Active Sussex Awards. During his Presidency Luke has founded and shaped the most affordable Polo club in Great Britain. He was nominated Volunteer of the Year for both his efforts within the club, but also his contribution to the wider sporting culture of the university.  

  • Setting up the only Polo apparel company in the world to be aimed at young on trend players, with ALL PROFITS returning into the University of Brighton Polo Club.
  • Growing attendance and ability so fast that the club are having to operate out of two venues to cater for increased student interest and the development of members.
  • Sitting on our ‘Sports Federation Representative Committee’.
  • Regularly contributing over 20 hours of voluntary time a week.
  • Masterminding, co-ordinating, publishing, selling and distributing a nude calendar in partnership with 11 other universities around the country, raising over £1000 for charity and increasing awareness about body positivity.
  • Building a wide portfolio of other charity work such as fundraising and collecting and donating clothes for the homeless and dispossessed of Brighton.


Joey Watson – Athletics Scholar:

Joey is the second of our Panthers to be nominated for Active Sussex Awards. Nominated for Sports Personality of the year for his performance and attitude last year.

  • Ranked 4th at Senior Level and 1st at U-23 nationally.
  • Silver medals at both the indoor and outdoor British Universities Championships and a Bronze in the British Indoor Championships.
  • Winning 10 out of 13 competitions and medalling in all (10 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze), he is the worthy reigning indoor South of England Champion for the second year in a row.
  • Slicing his throwing hand open and doing serious nerve damage, Joey acted like a true champion and met the adversity mid-season by teaching himself to throw left handed. He entered 6 competitions in this stage of his season…coming in the top 3 every time.
  • One of our finest scholar ambassadors, standing for the values of both our scholarship programme and the department.
  • Volunteers his own time to coach young budding shot putters in the community.


Men’s Rugby League and Men’s Rugby Union:

Both clubs went out in force to ‘The Bevy’ Pub to do some charity work by building some new steps to make their vegetable garden more accessible. Great example of teams using their membership to have genuine impact in the community!!



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