Surviving A Level Results Day

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So the big day is almost here! After years of exams, essays and last-minute cramming, you're on the brink of going to university. Results day is bound to be an emotional day, so here's some tips on how to survive the day and secure your place at university.

Do your research

If you think there's a chance you might end up in Clearing, it is a good idea to do your research ahead of results day itself. The last thing you'd want is to be frantically looking for course vacancies, so help yourself by checking them out in advance. Make a note of course and institution codes, as well as thier clearing phone numbers.

Also, jot down some bullet points on why you're interested in their course or their university, as this can be helpful when talking to universities through Clearing. You may want to avoid doing it, but being prepared will help you immensely.

Have a good breakfast

It's the most important meal of the day so don't celebrate or make decisions on an empty stomach!

Check Track first thing

Checking Track before getting your results will prepare you for receiving them and also help avoid confusion. Some universities may let you on to a course even if you haven't got the grades they requires, so looking on Track before you leave the house is a good idea to save any unnecessary drama! Track may crash with everyone checking their results at once, so don't worry if that happens to you - just keep trying.

If you got what you expected

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Congratulations! You're going to the university you selected! The hard work paid off and it's time to celebrate.

Tweet your new students' union

Get you know your new students' union by liking them on Facebook and tweeting at them. You can find us at @subrighton - tweet at us with the hashtag #BSUFreshers!

Join your university's Facebook groups

Now that you know where you’re heading, get to know your new mates by joining Facebook groups for your course and for your halls of residence! Find the peers you’ll be living with in your flat.

Brighton University has Facebook groups for all its halls of residence; Varley Park, Great Wilkins, Paddock Field, Moulsecoomb and Eastbourne, as well as Freshers groups for Brighton and Eastbourne students.

Get your Freshers tickets

After meeting your new bff’s, why not get your Freshers tickets?! We're putting on a wide range of events for new students, so get your tickets to all the best events before they sell out! Make sure to look out for our full list of events, coming out the day after results day!

If you got better than you expected

Fantastic – you’ve not only got the grades to get into your firm choice of uni, but you’ve done even better! But did you know that you can use those better grades to get in to a better university that you might not have even considered?

If you register with UCAS’ Adjustment system, you can search for other courses that interest you and speak to other universities to swap to. You may find that many competitive courses will be full, but you may find an amazing one that’s right for you on offer. Talk to universities about course vacancies and only verbally accept a place if you’re happy with it (you won’t be able to accept more than one!)

And if you don’t find any vacancies that you like, don’t worry – you still have your place at your firm choice.

If you didn't get what you expected

If you do have to go through Clearing, remember to stay positive. Clearing is an increasingly popular way for people to get into university. You will end up falling in love with the course and the university you end up going to!

Before you start

Before you grab the phone, make sure you have any research of other courses and clearing numbers ready, as well as a copy of your results and your personal statement. Also, be the one to make the phone calls – universities won’t want to speak to your parents or a loved one, they will want to speak to you (after all, you’re the one who would be going to their uni!)

If you want to get in touch with Brighton University for Clearing, you can reach them at 01273 644000.

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Ask questions and sell yourself

Whilst talking to different universities, make sure you ask them a variety of questions to help you make them an informed choice. Some questions you could ask include options for accommodation at their university, how the course is assessed and what happens after they consider you for a place. These types of questions will help you have a better idea of what life would be like at that university, as well as guide you through the Clearing process.

Also, be prepared to sell yourself to the different universities you call. These universities want to know that you’re genuinely interested in studying there, so make sure you stress your strongest qualities. Think of each phone call as a mini job interview.

Add your Clearing choice to Track

After you’ve spoken to a university and they’ve agreed to consider you, add them as your Clearing choice on Track. Remember you can only add one course at a time and if the university confirms your place, it counts as you accepting the offer – so make sure it is the right course for you before you add it!


Whatever happens to you on results day, all of us here at Brighton Students’ Union wish you the best of luck!


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