Thank you to our 2019/20 Officer Team

Thank you to our Officer Team 2019/20 


As we look back at all the fun things we have done – of course we have to say a huge thank you and well done to our Officer Team for 2019/20. While this year has been different, to say the least, without a doubt, we want to recognise the determination, passion, and commitment that this year’s team have shown to their roles.  


Nearly a year ago now your current officers started their new jobs with us at Brighton Students’ Union, and slowly but surely their faces started to appear more and more around campus and on our social media channels. You have heard about their successes such as Onyinye’s campaign to kickstart the Culture Café, Calvin’s commitment to fight for your voice during the UCU strikes and Ramy’s Education Campaign to better your learning experience. We understand that no one could have predicted a pandemic to occur, yet the resilience that the team have shown has been amazing.  

Unfortunately, we cannot keep them all in Brighton forever – and the time has come for them to pass on all that they have learnt to the incoming 2020/21 Officer Team. We cannot wait to see all that they will achieve moving forward and hear more about their achievements in the future. Now, we think it is about time we hand over to your Officers to have their final words to you. 


Ramy, VP Education: 

"For all you have taught me, I pay tribute to you. As the academic year draws to a close, I am already looking forward to the next one and will continue to be with you during every step of the journey. The pivot to a new normal is not simply about a sound academic experience. It is ultimately underpinned by the strength of the community that has emerged on the other side. And you have enabled it. For that and so much more, I am grateful to be your Vice President Education. There is no where I would rather be."

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Onyinye, VP Welfare: 

"Thank you so much to every student for having me, and for giving me the opportunity to serve you as your welfare officer. Thank you so much for believing in me, I owe my reward and experience to you all. Thank you to all my amazing BSU colleagues, to those who spoke words of knowledge to my brain, to those who physically and mentally pushed me to my finished line and special thanks to Laura BSU CEO and the University as a whole. Good luck to the new officer team, and good luck to every student out there chasing their dreams. You can do it, and as always, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH."

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