Things to bring to University for Freshers' | Blog 3


Are you almost packed but are a little stuck on how much to bring? Or even what to bring? Fear not! Our officers are on hand to give you some advice. We asked our officers some questions about what they felt was important to bring to University. Below might be the answer to some of your questions….


Ramy: VP Education 

The number one thing I would say to bring with you, which may sound cheesy, is your dreams and aspirations. The city and University are a vibrant community and no matter what you do, I hope you never fail to be inspired. The SU provides you with a springboard to explore your passions and hobbies, helping to balance your academic journey. As for physical items, I would recommend some posters, photos and decorations to make your room feel like home; kitchen-based items, including cutlery, plates, pans, cups and tupperware; stationary items for your studies; documentation, including ID and student loan correspondence; toiletries and towels; and bed sheets, duvet and a pillow.  

Always reach out to people – many are in the same boat as yourself and please do not ever feel like you must go about on your journey alone. I benefited from study groups, through which we all supported one another throughout the year. You will be provided with a calendar – I remember using mine to plan out my academic schedule each week to help set a sort of routine, while also scheduling in time for fun and relaxation. The latter is just as important in your journey here. I would also recommend downloading budgeting apps to help you track your spending. Take time when you arrive to set up a local bank account and sign up to a Brighton based GP / doctor’s surgery and dentist. Finally, always keep an open mind. You will meet people from different walks of life and some of the best and most meaningful learning you will do is not always in the classroom, but through these vital interactions. 


Meg: VP Activities 

One of my biggest pieces of advice is to pack some of the things that remind you of home. It could be your duvet from your room, a postcard from a loved one, or a lamp that you’ve always owned. Even though moving to a new place is a really exciting time, it can also be quite a scary time, too. Starting a new chapter in your life can be very daunting, and if you’re a home body like me, it’s always nice to have things around that remind you of home and give you that sense of familiarity.  


Evangeline: VP Welfare 

For most of you this might be the first time you are living away. If that is you, you’ve got a massive change awaiting you! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable wherever you go. Look at your current room, what makes your room, feel like your room? Is it the colour scheme that you have, is it a picture that makes you feel zen or is it nothing? Pack according to you!  
When I came to university, I packed essentials plus a few things to make my room feel more like ‘home’. I had my Bible, guitar, a collage a friend made me of all my sixth form moments and I brought my memory box which contains mementos of special days I’ve had. These things made me feel more comfortable and were great conversation starters with my new housemates! Of course, your experience is going to be different to mine so chuck in some face masks and hand sanitisers in there with you, but other than that, just remember to bring things that make you feel comfortable.  
The next few years are going to fly by so quickly, so make the most of it! 


We hope that has been helpful, however, if you still have any queries then do reach out and message us via social media or email!! If not… we can’t wait to meet you, LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!