Re|Freshers' Week

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Re|Freshers' Week takes place on Monday 4th - Friday 8th February and is a great chance for societies to gain new members and earn funding rewards for new sign-ups!



First, choose how your society is going to participate in Re|Freshers' Week! You can get involved in any of the following ways: (or do them all!)

  • Run a stall at Re|Freshers' Fair (Thur 7th Feb)
  • If you can’t make the fair - Run a stall on campus (any day) during Re|Freshers' Week (Mon 4th – Fri 8th Feb)
  • Host a Re|Freshers' event during Re|Freshers Week (Mon 4th – Fri 8th Feb)



Re|Freshers' Fair will be held on Thurs 7th February in the Cockcroft Hall and is the best place to raise awareness of your society, giving you the best possible chance for new sign-ups! Getting involved in this event means little to no cost and a huge audience to promote your society!



An alternative to attending the Re|Freshers' Fair is hosting your own society Re|Freshers' event during Re|Freshers' Week. For help on organising your event please check out our Event Planning Toolkit.


If you are planning to attend Re|Freshers' Fair BOOK YOUR STALL early as they are limited and get booked up quick!

If you are planning to host a Re|Freshers' event, BOOK YOUR EVENT in with us so we can help to promote it, you can find help on planning your event within the Event Planning Toolkit



Next, think of ways to make the stall stand out from the crowd and, more importantly, nab those lovely new members!

All stallholders are provided with a standard sized table with a protective tablecloth on it and two chairs.

Make it eye-catching

Stick to a colour scheme relevant to your society, and ensure all materials used are that colour so the stall stands out from a distance.


Social media social media social media

Tweet it, Snap it, put it on Facebook, post it on as many Freshers' pages as you can find, and tell people exactly where to find your stall!



Everyone loves freebies, and that will encourage people to come over to the stall and find out more about your wonderful society. Try to make the freebies relevant to your society, for example, last Re|Freshers' Fair our Baking Society gave out home baked cakes and biscuits to sweeten up the crowd.


Make it clear

Ensure the name of the society is very clear and obvious on the stall, whether that be a big banner or cut out letters or poster. I’m sure you know yourself there is nothing more awkward than looking all over a stall wondering what it’s meant to be?


Make a rota for your stall helpers

It’s tough being on a stall for 6 hours straight, so break it down into 1-2 hour shifts if possible, with about 2 -3 people on at one time. That way everyone will be refreshed and still have lots of energy. Although some societies do it every year, it’s ridiculous to overcrowd your stall with helpers because it will make your stall hard to physically reach as well as intimidate potential new members.


Mingle with other societies

The Fair is the perfect opportunity to make contacts in other societies, because everyone is in high spirits and keen to promote and grow their society. Later on you might be able to collaborate with these societies and put on a joint event! This year ArabSoc joined Greek Society to host a huge culture night, FilmSoc and LGBT+ collaborated for a film screening and RaG (Raise and Give) helped fellow societies fundraise for charity at events.


Have FUN!

Enjoy the hustle and bustle, meeting new faces, the high fives, the team effort and most of all the signs-ups of people wanting to spend their time with your society – these are the people who'll fill the next year at uni with fun and friendship and help make your society a success!


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