Society of the Month Runners Up March!

We had some amazing entries for March Society of the Month - Check out our very close runners up…

In Second place.... 

Future Doc Society gathered people who are passionate about medicine at their BSMS discussion panel. The society invited guest speakers to the event and it was received as an excellent networking opportunity! 


And in 3rd Place.............

The Game Jam Society in collaboration with the LGBTQ+ Society held a Gay (M) Jam! The students were tasked with building a game based around the LGBTQ+ community over a 48hr period! The student learnt the importance of fair representation of LGBTQ+ characters in games and the work that still needs to be done to modernism thinking patterns of games companies.


And the list of wonderful entries goes on...........

ACS Eastbourne welcomed new members during Re|Freshers week with a Refreshers BKChat Edition, a debate that everyone could be involved in!  This gave everyone the opportunity to meet each other and explore new ideas. 



BDance Society supported the launch of South of England Division with BAPIO the theme of the night was ‘Improving patent safety by promoting equality of and inclusion’ the society performed at the conference and gala dinner. Between courses the society danced between the tables and chars and chatted to various business men and women. 



The new Audio Visual Society welcomed their new members and found that people were very enthusiastic about learning new skills and being able to practically use their new skills.  



This month Catholic Society provided an introduction into social outreach at their Social Action Launch. Attendees listened to talks given by SR Caroline Morrison and Sean Older. Members were also given the opportunity to sign up to various volunteering opportunities. The students talked about how the event helped to highlight how fortunate it is to be receiving a university education and the importance of giving back to others in the local community.  



International women’s day was celebrated in Patterns Nightclub at Fem Soc’s Fiesta Feminista event. Live music and entertainment were enjoyed and the society fundraised to raise awareness for sexual violence in Sussex in partnership with Survivors network.  



The Pakistani Society celebrated a cultural Qawalli Night together while fundraising for their chosen charity. They learnt about the importance of keeping up cultural traditions and the vitality of charity.  


Like Clockwork was this month event highlight for the RPG Society! The group continued a narrative they had been working on previously which saw the group meet a new ‘Alfar’ Deity who they freed by channelling a levy- line through them! New players were introduced into the world of LARP and most importantly how to do it safely. 









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