What are Accreditation's

Society Accreditation 


The Accreditation scheme for societies has been brought in to help recognise the effort and commitment which has been put in by the committees each academic year.

It also works as a guide of goals for the society to aim for, and to highlight the societies that go above and beyond to engage with students throughout the year.

The accreditation level for each society is shown on your webpages

For the first £50 worth of funding you must become an Emerging Society check out the tasks you need to complete in the accreditation section of Your Webpage-

Let us know you have completed tasks by clicking the ‘get this’ button and filling out the online form




If you complete all the tasks in the next Section you will become a Developing Society and will receive £60 Funding!

Next you will become an Established Society and on completion of the tasks will be rewarded with £75 Funding!

Finally you will become an Outstanding Society and that’s £100 of funding up for grabs!

That’s a total of £285 worth of funding for your society available through the accreditations!


At the end of the year you will also receive a certificate to demonstrate the employability skills you have achieved through the completion of the accreditations!     





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