What is the Soc Fed Committee?



Did you know, anyone in a society can stand to be part of the SocFed Committee? Why not give it a go yourself!

What is the role of SocFed?

It is a great opportunity for you to help support societies, find out their wants and needs and shape the way we do things - to make everything we do better! This will be a rewarding experience that develops confidence and communication skills, it will also look impressive on your CV!

At Freshers’ Fair (in September) and ReFreshers Fair (in February) you will be given a list of societies to go and chat to and find out what’s going well, what isn’t and what would help to make life easier. The Societies Team and SocFed Committee will then meet up the following week to have an open discussion about the feedback in which we will ask you to report your findings in a written report. We can then get to work addressing any issues and implementing change.

How do I stand to be on the SocFed Committee?

During SocFed AGM we will ask anyone who wishes to stand for a role in SocFed Committee to come and stand at the front. Each candidate will have 30 seconds to say 'why' societies should vote for them. Everyone else in the room, representing each of their societies, will then vote. Shortly after we will reveal the results and congratulate the 6 successful candidates who will become the new SocFed Committee.