Start A Society

Brighton Students' Union supports students to lead many different societies, all of which can be found here.

If you've looked through all the societies and can't find one you like, or are keen to offer something different, why not create your own?

To start up a society you need 3 committee members and 4 members.

Part 1:

Step 1

Determine your aims and objectives

  • Aims – What would your proposed society like to do?
  • Objectives- What steps will you take to achieve this?

Step 2

Check for Duplicates here

  • Does the society already exist?
  • Are there already societies achieving similar aims and objectives?

If they are already out there; join them! If not, move to step 3

Unsure? Get in touch with our Societies Team

Step 3

Establish your Committee

You'll need:

Committee members of the society must be elected in a fair and democratic way.

Step 4

Name the Society

No Duplicates? Got a full committee? It’s time to decide on a name!

The name of your society should reflect the aims and objectives.

It's important people know what you're about based on your name so try to be as clear as possible.

Keep it simple choose a descriptive name followed by ‘Society’ or ‘Soc’, e.g. Law Society or Band Soc.

Part 2:

Fill in the Start a Society Form below:

Can’t see the form? It’s because you’ve not logged-in to the website (top right)

Please log in to complete this survey.

Part 3:

A) Get the 3 committee members, plus 4 additional members to pay their £4 membership (or only £2 after ReFreshers!) 

B) Complete the online committee training

(links to both will be provided with a 2 week deadline) 

Part 4:

Chat with the societies team about your aims & objectives for the year in our Society Development Meeting.

The society is officially setup!

The webpage is created, we allocate you with an account for banking and the society gets access to all facilities (including FREE room bookings!)