Re|Freshers 2021

Here at Brighton StudentsUnion, we believe that joining Sports Clubs and Societies is a brilliant way to make the most of your time at University.

Whatever you want to achieve in 2021, joining part of our campus community can help make that difference - good for wellbeing, making friends for life, or simply creating lots of memories!



Missed out on Freshers' 2020? Then Refreshers is the perfect annual BSU event for you! Whilst we may not be able to do something physical as we would have liked to, we are still able to bring you the same jam-packed week of events you all know and love - and what's even better? We get to reintroduce to you all the amazing sports clubs & societies that you all know and love! 

What exactly is Refreshers you ask? It's a huge exhibition that is free to attend for all 20,000+ Brighton students'. Included in the fair are a large number of sports clubs & Societies with a tapestry of local & national businesses offering special offers & discounts, music & food discount codes. 

It's your chance across a whole week to talk to loads of sports clubs and societies, and find out about numerous volunteering and fundraising opportunities that are available to you to take part in alongside your studies.

how do i join a society?

Interested in joining a new society this year? Then it's as easy as 1, 2,3! 

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Check out BSU RE:LOADED (Our online refreshers fair platform) or visit our society list to see what's currently on offer. Don't see anything you like? Why not start your own society? The documents to start one are also available on our website right here! 

  2. Select a society you are interested in and check out their details. There should then be an option to select 'Add membership to basket'. 

  3. REMEMBER! You will only be able to purchase a membership if you are logged in to the BSU website. You can do this on the top right! Once logged in, the system will already have all your details on file so you won't need to worry about adding anything extra in. Don't forget to hit the checkout button after adding your membership!

  4. That's it your done! 

JUST REMEMBER! During ReFreshers’ Week you get the chance to try out as many societies as you like for FREE! So get to as many events as you can that week before you decide which you would like to officially join after (from as little as £1).

Confused? Check out this handy  poster on what we mean! 

what events are on offer?

Want to know what we are doing for Re:Freshers? Then check out our BSU Events calendar online! 

Checkout some of the events we have coming up below:

where do i find refreshers fair?

Want to check out our Re:Freshers fair? Also known as - BSU RE:LOADED?  Then CLICK HERE to go straight to the platform!