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Brighton SU work to help you in a number of ways. Our officers, students and staff make great achievements throughout the year that benefit every student at the University of Brighton.

Here are some of our #BSUWins, check them out below and let us know what you’d like Brighton SU to do for you!

#BSUWINS: Rep Of The Month

We’re celebrating the great achievements of our Course Reps by awarding a Rep of the Month. Winners recieve the coveted Rep of the Month Mug, a £20 voucher and a certificate confirming their award. They will also be invited to our annual awards to collect their certificate and are automatically entered for the Rep of the Year Award. This is a great way of acknowledging our Course Reps and encouraging them to get involved.

#BSUWINS: Refreshers’ Fair

Our Refreshers’ Fair was a huge success with almost 600 students attending: it was great to see students getting involved and joining some of our many societies and sports team at the Students’ Union. Pictures are now up on our Facebook page, check them out here.

#BSUWINS: Officers go to Parliament

Our elected officers took a trip to Parliament to speak to local MP’s from your campus towns about student issues and provoke action for students at the University of Brighton. Find out more about it here.

#BSUWINS: Developing Societies Achievement

LGBTQ+ and Youth Stop Aids Society have become established societies this month with the help of our Student Activities Team. This is fantastic news and we're so happy to be developing societies even further at BSU. Find out more about the accreditation scheme here

#BSUWINS: Encouraging Liberation at the University of Brighton

Full-time officers Amy and Ebun have worked with Stephen Denyer (Pro-Vice-Chancellor) to instigate a University wide review into each School’s policy about anonymous marking, an audit paper has been written and new guidelines will be implemented in the next academic year. Alongside this, by the end of this academic year, all University staff will be trained in unconscious bias.

#BSUWINS: Improving Community Relationships

Our Christmas event at The Starting Gate to celebrate the festive season went very well: local residents from Eastbourne came along to chat to us, browse the Christmas fair and indulge in some lovely mince pies. It was fantastic to spend time with people in the local community and we’re very happy to be improving relationships at Brighton SU.

#BSUWINS: Academic Priorities

We have worked to discover your top academic priorities and campaigned throughout the year to represent your academic interests. This included receiving text updates if lectures were cancelled.

#BSUWINS: American Football Funding

VP Activities and Participation, Frank Dankwa wrote an application to Sport England in August requesting money for the Tsunami’s – UoB’s American Football team. The application was accepted and we managed to secure £9998 funding from Sport England for the American Football development.

#BSUWINS: Recycling In The Hive

Your café-bar, The Hive, have ensured that their coffee cups will be recycled correctly after research that stated that they were unacceptable for our recycling process. They have taken a brilliant step in the right direction for sustainability at UoB!

#BSUWINS: Grand Parade Printer

We were told by you that printing in Grand Parade was becoming difficult and too pricey! We actioned this by getting a printer in our SU office and ensuring that all printing is charged at a discounted rate.

#BSUWINS: Nappy Station Installed

VP Campus Development, Cat Bach has worked to have a nappy station installed in the Disabled bathroom next to LT1 in the Cockcroft building. This is a great step in making the lives of parents studying at the university much easier!

#BSUWINS: Wednesday Afternoons Free

You told us that you wanted to keep Wednesday afternoons free so that you can focus more on sports and societies. VP Activities and Participation, Frank Dankwa campaigned for this and managed to secure Wednesday afternoons as a free period for everybody.

#BSUWINS: Society Of The Month

Society of the Month gives every established society the chance to win £100 every month. Simply nominate your society and we will share the winners, their achievements and deposit £100 into your society bank account. This allows societies to celebrate their achievements and grow further.

#BSUWINS: Vegan and Gluten Free Options in Outlets

Our SU outlets are constantly expanding their range so that they cater for students with dietary requirements. You can now find a variety of vegan and gluten free options across our outlets.

#BSUWINS: Laptop Fines Reduced

Your full-time officers, Ebun and Amy have negotiated with Information Services to reduce laptop fines across the University of Brighton. Watch our video to find out more: