Brighton SU is run for students by students and we want to be constantly working to make your life at Brighton better every day, whether it’s fixing issues on your course, campaigning to improve things in your local community or supporting your social experience.


1. Submit an idea - You can submit absolutely any idea you have.

2. Discuss it – Once you’ve submitted an idea anyone can like, dislike or comment on it.

3. Union Council – The most popular ideas will be taken to Union Council for debate and to be voted on.

4. The Idea Passes! -If 75% of Union Council agrees with your idea it becomes policy and

the Union will work with you to make that idea reality. 

5. The Idea fails – If 75% of Union Council votes against your idea then it fails. 

6. All Student Questions – If less than 75% of Union Council vote for or against the idea it will

become an ASQ (All Student Question). This means that all students will have the opportunity to

vote on the idea online.

7. Please Login using your University of Brighton details to submit an Idea and vote for your favourite Idea!

If you are having trouble logging in please contact: t.foy@brighton.ac.uk