Students' Union Leadership Elections happen every year in the Students’ Union, the elections are designed for you to decide who leads the union for the academic year. The Students Leadership Team is made up of 4 full-time officers and volunteer officers that represent you and work to improve your university experience.

To vote all you need to do is login using your studentcentral login details and rank the candidates in order of preference. You should only vote in elections where you identify as part of that community, for example only LGBTQ+ students should vote for the LGBTQ+ Students' Officer.

All students are eligble to vote for the NUS Conference Delegates and there are 2 positions avaliable in this election. The successful candidates will join our fulltime sabbatical officers at the NUS National Conference in 2019. NUS requires that 50% of the delegation are women, and as 3 of our fulltime officers are men these positions are reserved for students that identify as women.

R.O.N is a candidate in all elections and stand for Re-Open Nominations. This is a vote for none of the above, if R.O.N wins nominations will re-open and another election will be held.

2019 Spring Elections

Our annual Elections will happen February to March 2019, more information coming soon. 

Nominations: 11th to 22nd February

Voting: 4th to 7th March

Results: 8th March