Spring Elections


Students' Union Elections happen every year in the Students’ Union, the elections are designed for you to decide who leads the Union for the next academic year. The Officer Team is made up of full-time officers and volunteer officers that represent you and work to improve your university experience.

To vote all you need to do is login using your studentcentral login details and  rank the candidates in order of preference for each role. You should only vote for certain positions if you identify as part of that community, for example only LGBTQ+ students should vote for an LGBTQ+ Students' Officer, you may need to self identify in your profile in the nav bar to be able to submit your vote.

Information and Dates

Every year Brighton Students’ Union elects students to join the team that leads the organisation. In these elections any University of Brighton student can stand and any student can vote. This year we have made some exciting changes to our elections to make them more engaging for all of the students at Brighton, find out more here

Key Dates

Nominations period: opens Mon 11th February 10am and closes Fri 22nd Feb 4pm

Voting opens: Mon 4th March 10am

Voting closes: Thurs 7th March 4pm

*please note you will only be avaliable to vote between 7am & 10pm Tues & Weds

Elections count: Fri 8th March

Results Party: Fri 8th March, 7pm at The Hive SU Cafe, Falmer




A leadership role in engaging and representing the needs of students across the University. Alongside leading the Union’s developments, they attend a number of meetings with University and other key stakeholders to ensure that the student voice is always heard.


They lead the student activities programme; to include sports, societies and entertainments across all campuses and partner colleges. They consult with students in the development of activities across a wide range of areas.


They are responsible for the representation of students on issues affecting their welfare as a student. They consult with students and develop policies, actions and campaigns informed by students’ needs and concerns.


The lead officer for furthering the academic interests of undergraduate and postgraduate students. They are responsible for representing students on issues affecting their academic experience within the Uni, locally and nationally.



When do I Vote?

Voting is open from the Monday 4th March 10am till Thursday 7th March 4pm 2019. However, this year we’ve changed our voting hours slightly. Unlike last year when voting was available 24 hours a day for an entire week, this year you will be able to vote between 7AM-10PM across 4 days. This is to allow students to have a break from campaigning during the evenings, so they can be recharged and ready to campaign the next day.

HOw does Voting work?

We use the single transferable vote (STV) system in our elections. You can watch a video explaining the system here.

How do I Vote?

You can vote via the Brighton Students’ Union website or at one of our polling stations. To vote online, simply log onto the Students’ Union website using your studentcentral login details, and Elections page www.brightonsu.com/elections. From there, you will be able to vote for the candidates that you would like to see in office by voting for your preferences with number 1 being your top choice, number 2 being your second choice and so on.

If you will be voting in person, simply bring your UniCard along to one of our ballot stations where you’ll be told exactly how to vote.

Who Can I Vote For?

You can vote for any of the nominated candidates in their respective roles. If you do not believe that any of the candidates are appropriate for the role they are nominated for, you can instead vote for R.O.N. which stands for Re Open Nominations. If this gets the most votes in a role, nominations will reopen to allow for more students to nominate themselves.

There are also volunteer officer roles that represent specific communities at University of Brighton (BAME, LGBTQ+, Women’s, Disabled Students’ Officers) so you should only vote for the roles you identify with.

Why do I need my unicard to vote?

You need to use your UniCard when you vote to ensure that all voting is done fairly across the elections period. Only current University of Brighton students are allowed to vote for those they want to represent their interests, and so using your UniCard ensures that no tampering can occur. Using your UniCard also ensures that each student can only vote once for each role.


Where Can I vote?

This year, you can either vote online on the Students’ Union website, or in person at one of our polling stations that can be found across every campus during the elections period. The online voting system will only be available between 7am-10pm. The polling stations will be available on campus between 10am and 4pm in the following locations:

  • Common Room, Ringmer House, Falmer Campus
  • Foyer by Grand Parade Canteen, City Campus
  • Outside Aldrich Library, Cockcroft, Moulsecoomb Campus
  • Greynore Restaurant, Eastbourne Campus (Monday & Wednesday)
  • Sprinters Restaurant, Eastbourne Campus (Tuesday & Thursday)

You can only vote once within each category, and there are 11 categories to vote for.

When and where are the results announced

Results will be announced from 7pm on Friday 8th March, and the event will be held at The Hive SU Café in Falmer. All of the elections results will be revealed at the results party, and you can attend in person to find out the results on the night. If you can’t attend in person, you can also watch live on our Facebook livestream of the results or follow along on Twitter @SUBrighton #BSUElections19.

Can I support my friend who’s running?

Yes, you can! You can promote the candidates you would like to win by supporting them on social media and on campus. If you are a student staff member for Brighton Students’ Union, there are some rules around promoting candidates during your work for the union and these should have been communicated to you already.

Can I vote on a different campus from my normal study?

You can vote on any campus across the election period. If you won’t be in on campus during the elections week due to placement or any other reason, you can still vote online at any time between 7Am-10PM in elections week.

How do I get my free coffee?

By voting on campus from one of the ballot stations, the first 125 each day will receive a free coffee voucher after voting in the elections (terms and conditions apply).